Monday, May 24, 2010

Air Asia, Malaysia Airlines, Firefly ; Which Cabin Crews Are Nice???

This are three of our airlines that is fully marketed in media and there has been some talks whether our crews are really bring our Malaysian cultures in a polite and better courtesy. I have a few friends working in all the airlines and they always shared their stories about their flight and of course the nature of all the passengers.

There are differences in the airlines as Malaysia Airlines are a full service airlines whereby the other two i.e Air Asia and Firefly are a budget airlines. So, it's not worth it to compare those both with Malaysia Airlines rite? But the thing I was looking for is which are the airlines is the best not in terms their services but in terms their attitude when they were working. What I mean is are they polite and friendly enough just like in the commercials.
I've flew using Malaysian Airlines both domestics and internationals and I reckoned that they were at their best in holding of their motto's. Nothing to shout about as they are full services airlines but I would think the other two also have their best in their fields. Like I said I have friends working in the budget airlines and by judging by their stories I would say all of them have their own differences.
One of my friends said that you don't expect a world class service when you just pay RM9.90 for a flight. It triggers me when they said that as it means the have class rating of the passengers?? So, what are your opinions? 


  1. If you want to compare in terms of physical looks, I'll vote AirAsia's girls. :) But service, MAS ftw!

  2. i only experienced MAS from the 3 listed =)

  3. Victor : ur opinion mayb becoz airasia girl wearing mini skirt right....

  4. oooo...all also have different style..AirAsia girls always sexy, Firefly girls are friendly and MAS girls are always elegant. i really like MAS girls though.

    oh, Firefly is not a budget airline though only Air Asia la.